LHBA Technology 

Larry Hughes Basketball Academy has installed world-class state-of-the-art technology to measure, track, and motivate your athlete. LHBA has installed both RSPCT and Kinexon technology.  RSPCT and Kinexon have the most widely used tracking technology in the NBA.  RSPCT uses optical sensors placed on the backboard to track every aspect of shooting, including origin of shot, make/miss, arc, angle, and point of entry into the basket, or accuracy.  Kinexon is a best-of-breed German technology that measures athletes’ speed, jumps, position, metabolic output and more. We measure and track your athletes’ performance at each session and make the results available to you online through our proprietary Digital Locker. We not only show your athlete how they’re doing, we show them how to improve. Sign up today to experience the difference.