Out of all sports, basketball is one of the sports that leads to good sportsmanship in comparison to other sports. Basketball is a close contact sport when it comes to encountering your opponents. Good sportsmanship includes respect for your teammates and the members of the opposing team, although this is not always as easy to achieve. Showing good sportsmanship can be especially difficult for athletes with a highly competitive nature.Sportsmanship is about more than respecting your teammates and your opposing team. Respect for one’s coach, the spectators, and the officials are also key to good sportsmanship. One who expresses good sportsmanship not only does so when it is game time but also does so in practice and off the court. Sportsmanship imparts a lifelong value that can be utilized in sport but also in life when it comes to professional and personal relationships. Sportsmanship instills respect for others, which can be beneficial to one’s overall life. Call 855-678-7843 for more info on our program or visit LHBASTL.COM.