Tips to help bring your child’s study habits, concentration, and confidence to the next
Establish and Write out a Daily Routine
Write out a schedule listing the time your child will get up, eat breakfast, leave for
school, and what time they’ll get home, have dinner, do homework, and go to bed. Post
this on your refrigerator or use a small white board.
Establish Great Homework Habits
Have a set time and a quiet place for your child to do homework. Encourage them to do
their best work and ask questions when they need help.
Share at Home
Ask your children what they learned in school, and what was their favorite part of the
day. Give them your full attention. Compliment them when they do a great job and
acknowledge their achievements.
Encourage Positive Relationships
Be supportive of friendships with kids who have good character and good habits. Gently
discourage relationships with kids who might have a negative influence.
Establish a Bedtime Routine
Make bedtime a habit, so that it becomes virtually automatic. Start early to allow your
child to get enough sleep. End the day with low energy activities like reading.