When Larry was in high school, it seemed there were so many rules. Recruiting was not allowed, or so they told me. He could not play for a public school if he did not live in the school district; we would have to move in order for him to play there. I once received a phone call from a high school coach promising me that Larry would perform much better if he moved to their team, and that he could modify the details of our address. I declined; I was truly flattered but not interested.

Stay focused when it comes to your sons and daughters. He played on many teams, and we learned many life lessons along the way. Coaches do matter. High school was a great experience.

I was always the overly-protective #HoopMom screaming advice from the stands: “Bend your knees!” “Keep your head up!” “Control your dribble!”. I was a baller myself back in high school, and I always had advice for him after games.

Vanessa Hughes is the proud mother of Larry Hughes, 13-year NBA veteran. Vanessa has written a series of blogs about her experiences raising a basketball player.



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