As a mother raising a young athlete, there was no bargaining when it came to bad attitudes or misbehaving. I would not allow him to walk on the court with a bad attitude that he formed while attending school or while disrespecting the house rules. I was the person in the house that was responsible for him walking on and off the basketball court, and I wound not tolerate any disrespect of any kind. I raised my son to check his attitude at the door. Regarding his attitudes, I considered physical and mental growing pains, and I allotted time for change to happen. However, I did not allow an attitude problem to linger long enough to create a long-term problem. Occasionally I had to take action and enforce punishment to cultivate the proper attitude for success in my son. In my house, a bad attitude was the exception and not the rule.


Vanessa Hughes is the proud mother of Larry Hughes, 13-year NBA veteran. Vanessa has written a series of blogs about her experiences raising a basketball player.


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