In the game of basketball, every team loses games, and the way in which a team handles adversity is a big determinate of how they will play throughout a given season. The difference between a good and a great team is how they handle losing. I think if your team approaches losing with a nonchalant attitude, then they need to reevaluate themselves as a whole. There is nothing wrong with carrying the weight of a loss on to the next game because your team should want to use that previous loss as motivation. They should want to learn from their mistakes and evaluate what they can do better. If your team is just acting like the loss did not happen and laughing and joking around, then mentally something is not right with the team. No, you are not going to win every game, but that does not mean you cannot go into the game with a winning mentality.  How you bounce back says a lot. In 2017 the North Carolina Tarheels won the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship; this is important because just the year before the Tarheels were playing in the same game and lost on a last second shot.  The team showed resiliency after losing the national championship the year before in a heartbreaking way and finding the mental toughness to not only put that loss behind them, but also take that loss with them and use it throughout the season as motivation to get back to the national championship and win the game. While it is important for the coaches to bring their team together after a loss and find a way to gain momentum, it is even more important for the players on the team to rally together and regain a winning mentality or simply a mentality of it “we are not a layup” meaning that whenever our team touches the floor it is going to be a battle. Visit LHBASTL.COM to learn moorland to schedule a free basketball training class.